Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watchtower Comments-Questions About the Governing Body


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how much glee you and your cohorts take in attacking a religion you incorrectly view as false. Makes one wonder what your TRUE agenda really is and who is backing it from a metaphysical point of view.

TRUE the WB&TS with its anointed governing body is NOT infallible, as you've already admitted they said. But some how you are now EXPERTS on how Jehovah God dispenses knowledge to his faithful and discreet servants (i.e. "channels" as you smugly regard them).

Why would God give ANY HUMAN all of the answers without any tests of loyalty or testing how those "channels" will handle and dispense said knowledge. HE WOULDN'T... Case in point was Abraham.

Abraham would be the forefather of the Jewish nation/religion ONCE the only true religion until 2,000 years ago. Well you know that Jehovah did "trick" him to test his loyalty. He asked him to human sacrifice his son Issac.

Of course Jehovah had no intention for Abraham to start practicing evil human sacrifice like his pagan neighbors were doing. It was just a free moral agent test of faith and loyalty. The same applies to Job and Satan's testing of his loyalty to Jehovah.

Only Christendom (i.e. Catholic Church et al) believe that they are infallible and NEVER make mistakes while being a "channel" to God.

Its ashame that the girl used in this video is being "brainwashed" into asking questions she doesn't fully understand. You mention the JWs brainwash people. That falsehood has NEVER been evident in any venue they have ever supplied to the public and their members. Essentially this is a slanderous and libelous comment on your part.

All humans are free moral agents who can do whatever they want but must suffer the consequences of their bad actions. The JWs adhere to this God-given right during ALL of their practices.

The only requirement is to maintain good Christian conduct and adhere to Biblical laws and guidance. They only want to keep their congreagations clean and unblemished.

Something Satan and his human cohorts do NOT want...

Anonymous said...

Why is THIS GENERATION WILL NOT PASS AWAY a problem for you?

Will as I stated before, JW's and their Governing body is NOT infallible! God gives NO ONE all of the answers without some "strings" attached. God's strings are to test your worthiness as a conduit to Him.

The problem was that after 1914 senior citizens who claimed to be of the anointed 144,000 or the remnant seemed to be ALL "passing away" and the end had not come yet. It appeared that ALL of them may expire well before that.

Well being fallible they really don't know for sure. But they admit that by caveatting any such statements with "Our present understanding is..." - leaving the interpretation OPEN just in case.

For all we know Jehovah may be holding back the end to allow more people to repent and get back on the difficult path His son spoke of. Jehovah HAS changed His mind in the past but never his will and purpose for mankind.

You want proof right? OK He changed his mind:
1. Before the flood was going to destroy entire planet
2. Gave Abraham the choose to save Sodom & Gomorrah if he could find only a handful of non-sinners
3. Destruction of Nineveh
4. Stop the punishment on Jerusalem for King David's sin of disobedience. Felt regret for His actions...
5. Jesus' request to be relieved from his mission the night before his execution by the Italians (Romans).
etc. etc.

You should give them more slack. They have this CHRISTIANITY thing more correct then the Catholics or the Protestants. And Jews, pagans, animists, polytheists, and atheists, speak for themselves...