Monday, June 15, 2009

Ex Gilead Missionary Discusses the Watchtower School of Gilead

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Anonymous said...

DT - So the "bearded" ex-JW has a problem with the "Faithful and Discreet Slave Class" aka FDSC? What exactly is his problem with that? If a modern day organized Christian religion which bases it belief system on the metaphysical (i.e. Jehovah, Jesus, angels, and by extension fallen angels too as they once were good angels) there must be a spiritual conduit to that so-called metaphysical world. Who was that 2,000 years ago? The apostles of course.

Well the JWs believe they are the one and only true religion. Can't fault that as that's how ALL religions work right? Why have a religion if you don't believe you are the ONE and ONLY (and can prove it!)?

Well that religion would need spiritual leaders or a governing body. These FSDC gentleman are also of the anointed, the remnant, or the 144,000 that Apostle John said in Revelation would be the only humans going to heaven with Jesus as a bride-class (not almost everybody as Christendom falsely teaches today).

This is their religion (and once upon a time - yours too). They have a right to worship in a way that they belief is correct and accurate to the Bible. Yes I am equated them to modern day apostles, but they only can't resurrect the dead, heal the sick, nor expel demons (well mostly can't). However, they are still able to have dreams, visions, or portents given them by Jehovah just like the apostles did. Or in some RARE instances "visitations" - but I have no evidence or proof to back that up at all. The FSDC call it "flashes of light".

What religion doesn't have its so-called "conduits" to God? Why are you deciding to turn your back on something you really failed to understand correctly? Yes they are all frail and imperfect men who make many mistakes (i.e. C.T. Russell made a whopper of them!). The Apostle Paul made MANY mistakes too and was quite frail. The same goes for all of the holy men of the Bible. It wouldn't be fair to humans to give ANY ONE ALL the answers without some "sweating" or a hard pathway to righteousness.

I think you have fallen off that crooked path Jesus mentions and need to get back on before its too late. Jehovah desires ALL to attain repentance. That's why the end has not come yet. He's leaving the door open as long as possible. Stop being fooled by Satan's tricks. He wants to take as many he can to Gehenna with him.

Think about it... You know better...