Thursday, April 23, 2009

Videos About Watchtower Comments

Watchtower Comments is an excellent series of videos about Jehovah's Witnesses and their teachings. I periodically post the videos on this blog. They can also be viewed at the new Watchtower Comments website. Here are some videos which describe the series and discuss why both Jehovah's Witnesses and people who aren't members can benefit from watching them.

Watchtower Comments Trailer

Why Should Jehovah's Witnesses Watch?

Why Non-Jehovah's Witnesses Should Watch

Does a Jehovah's Witness Produce Watchtower Comments?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Watchtower Comments Discusses the Memorial

Jehovah's Witnesses are voting with their wine glasses. The leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses tells them that only a literal 144,000 people have a hope of life in heaven (the rest of the faithful can spend an eternity petting lions and panda bears here on earth). The remaining members of the 144,000 (Jehovah's Witnesses believe that most of them have already died) show this by partaking of the bread and wine at their annual memorial celebration. The others with an earthly hope are supposed to just observe without partaking of the meal. The dwindling number of partakers was supposed to be evidence that the end was near. Now, the number of partakers is growing rapidly. Could this be an indication that more and more members view that doctrine as nonsensical? The following video discusses this challenge to Jehovah's Witness theology and the interesting questions it raises.

Jehovah's Witnesses Memorial 2009 from Watchtower Comments on Vimeo.