Saturday, April 4, 2009

Watchtower Comments Discusses the Memorial

Jehovah's Witnesses are voting with their wine glasses. The leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses tells them that only a literal 144,000 people have a hope of life in heaven (the rest of the faithful can spend an eternity petting lions and panda bears here on earth). The remaining members of the 144,000 (Jehovah's Witnesses believe that most of them have already died) show this by partaking of the bread and wine at their annual memorial celebration. The others with an earthly hope are supposed to just observe without partaking of the meal. The dwindling number of partakers was supposed to be evidence that the end was near. Now, the number of partakers is growing rapidly. Could this be an indication that more and more members view that doctrine as nonsensical? The following video discusses this challenge to Jehovah's Witness theology and the interesting questions it raises.

Jehovah's Witnesses Memorial 2009 from Watchtower Comments on Vimeo.


Daniel said...

This is interesting...Jehovah's
Witnesses spend there time telling people The Truth about The Bible, and you spend your time putting up this massive web site. Who do you think has The Truth people?????

Anonymous said...

Holy Ones: 1) of the 12 tribes of Israel. Must have been chosen before apostasy and destruction of Jewish system of things.
2) Clearly young Jewish male children (rev 14:4) "IN FACT they are VIRGINS. (not the words "in fact". Used to indicate a reality in the world.
3) Gift from Jehovah God presented to His Son for upholding his integrity. Now to understand correctly who the holy ones are, ask yourself this, Would Jehovah God present to his only begotton son a gift that was impure, and corrupt? This gift, the gift of Children to Jesus Christ, pure, holy, incorrupt, and PERFECTLY INSTRUCTED, would it not be delivered quickly, and directly to the Newly Appointed Ruler who was given all Authority on Earth, and In Heaven? In fact it was given. The Holy Ones have ceased to be earthy for some time now. The Bible is Clear as to who the holy ones were, and are. Since they live, just as Jesus lives.

Anonymous said...