Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Watchtower Comments Videos are Back

The Watchtower Comments videos are among the most popular on this site. They were recently taken down from Youtube as a response to a legal threat from the directors of the "Knocking" documentary. This blog also received a legal threat, despite the fact that I have nothing to do with the production of those videos. Click here for my comments or here for the latest news on this situation.

I'm pleased that these excellent videos are back. Jehovah's Witnesses are now producing two versions of their Watchtower magazine. One is a public edition that waters down their controversial teachings. The other is a study edition for Jehovah's Witnesses and contains much stronger language. This makes it much harder for outsiders or former members to know what is going on in that religion. (I have family in that religion and am very concerned about this increased secrecy.) The Watchtower Comments videos are valuable because they discuss these study articles and provide observation that won't be heard at the Watchtower studies of Jehovah's Witnesses. I hope you will take a look at them. I intend to keep posting them on this blog as they become available.

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