Friday, January 1, 2010

Excerpt from a Talk by Watchtower Representative Ciro Aulicino "You Will be with me in Paradise"

Warning: this discourse contains graphic language and the video contains graphic images.


Anonymous said...

What Cino is saying is from Gods
word the Bible which says the
wicked will be destroyed !
People who do not want to admit or
change their wickid ways.
And only those who learn and study
and change their ways will be saved!
Are you a person who can admit Jehovah has the right to rule?
To establish that Kingdom his son Jesus said to pray for?

Anonymous said...

We must remember that this is an old talk. And that it may have been taken out of context and pieced together. All I'm saying is be cautious when listening to things like this, as this is another source and is designed to make those think that Witnesses are wrong. Have they made mistakes? Yes but are any of us perfect? Have they admitted they were wrong? Yes and publicly too. So can we get off their back and leave them alone? Yes if we are man enough. So those who continue to persecute them well i feel sorry that you were not loved as a baby and taught to be mean to others just be cause they are different. Wait why does that sound familiar? or right that is what the USA was doing against the blacks! So are YOU going to continue to be racist?

Anonymous said...

i'm a jehovah witness and the wicked will be destroyed and those who serve him will habe every lasting life there will be no sickness or death and u will be able to walk pass an lion or tiger or any wild animal without it attacking jehovah is trying his best to save everyone not just the people who serve him and if u go to the jehovah witness hall u will like it so take out time to go

Anonymous said...

If Jehovah God is such a loving God he would have done best to destroy the world when the Bible Students first began their preaching. Then there were less than 2 billion people on the planet. By delaying armageddon God is now required to destroy an extra 5 billion people bringing the total to in execs of 7 billion, and rising! How many more people will he be required to destroy if it does not come for another decade or century? What a loving God you worship! Allowing people to be born who he intends to destroy. What a father.

Danmera said...

I grew up with talks like this. There was no "out of context" or "pieced together. My childhood was full of terrors, and not from the outside world, but right within the KH.
Just take a look at the horror of my book of bible stories. Nice dreams of babies being killed. Etc.

I find it hysterical that it was removed for being too graphic, yet this is what the JWs call "meat in due season" from their precious leaders.

Anonymous said...

Whoever submitted the video to YouTube should try using Daily Motion instead of YouTube. On Daily Motion, you can submit any video and they will allow it. The only drawback is that at times, Daily Motion takes it's dear sweet time to download, but still, it is a better video site than YouTube.

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

"i'm a jehovah witness and the wicked will be destroyed and those who serve him will habe every lasting life ..." "People who do not want to admit or
change their wickid ways."

Wow, you sound like a mindless automatons. Is that what the Watchtower Society spoon feeds you? What a mind job.

Anonymous said...

I like how you all quote literature and not the bible.

Let's start with the paradise you all think you are getting. Let's have ONE bible verse that even says paradise earth! Yet it's all over the front of the literature and front of your minds,

So sad.

In the 30s they had no explanation for people that didn't want to go to heaven... In reality there were more than 144000 members and this made their teachings look silly. So they made up a paradise earth, they use a scripture about gods people inheriting land and a scripture about Jesus telling a man he will go to paradise, though to pull it off they added a comma after the word "today"., don't take my word for it, go and check the original texts yourself. Also other sheep = the Gentiles... Quite obviously! .. I strongly suggest you stop getting all your information about the world from the same 8 men in Brooklyn that want you to be their followers. Open your eyes.

So yeah.... One verse promising a paradise earth? A bit odd that we have thousands of names in chronicles in a genealogy but not one about the paradise earth.... Weird no?

Anonymous said...

Also... Since when did the holy spirit or god make mistakes?

Oh so they don't preach and teach via the holy spirit?

So if they can make mistakes, is it not safer for you to interpret the bible yourself to make sure you can defend to god what you are teaching and preaching?

I was following orders was what the Nazis said, and I am sure god will say " you didn't need 8 men to tell you what to do, I gave you a book ! It was very clear! "