Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Quick Question for Jehovah's Witnesses About Bible Study


WEEK 70 said...

Nice video! I had a very interesting experience with a Jehovah witness today.


Unknown said...

Wow that was a very interesting video. I am learning how to witness to JW as my friend is one. Do you have any advice for me?

Anonymous said...

What you are totally missing DT is that each of those publications, as are all of the WB&TS literature, is all Bible based and has several references to bible scripture on practically every page! Therefore it IS a bible study as the study conductor refers to his/her bible continually throughout the study to show how the paragraph or sentence is in full accord with the bible. There are few JWs that can conduct a PURE Genesis to Revelation study without reference material. These publishers are NOT ordained ministers nor theology scholars. They are John Q Publics like yourself. They are not experts so they use the WB&TS literature to help deliver their message: "Kingdom Good News" (aka the Gospel). Does that answer your seemingly smug question?

silversurfer said...

Dear video,
I can see your concern to study only the bible itself means alot to you ! And yes it is important!
However those little publications
will help you to understand what
the Kingdom of God really is!
Anyone can just quote scriptures,
understanding it is another thing!
Accept the study offer the next time he comes to your door , you'll
thank God you did!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, guys? We shouldn't be here, it's an apostate website. Just so you know, try not to browse places like this.