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Does a 14 Year Old Have the Right to Die?

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Danny Haszard said...

Jehovah's Witnesses elders will investigate and disfellowship any Jehovah Witness who takes a blood transfusion,to say the issue is a 'personal conscience matter' is subterfuge to keep the Watchtower out of lawsuits.

Many Jehovah's Witnesses men,women and children die every year worldwide due to blood transfusion ban.Rank & file Jehovah's Witness are indoctrinated to be scared to death of blood.

1) JW's DO USE many parts aka 'fractions' aka components of blood,so if it's 'sacred' to God why the hypocritical contradiction flip-flop?

2) They USE blood collections that are donated by Red cross and others but don't donate back,more hypocrisy.

3) The Watchtower promotes and praises bloodless elective surgeries,this is a great advancement indeed.BUT it's no good to me if I am bleeding to death from a car crash and lose half my blood volume and need EMERGENCY blood transfusion.

Know this,the reason that JW refuse blood is because of their spin on the 3000 year old Biblical old testament,modern medicine will eventually make blood donations and transfusions a thing of the past.When this technology happens it won't vindicate the Jehovah's Witnesses and all the deaths that have occured so far.
The Watchtower's rules against blood transfusions will eventually be abolished (very gradually to reduce wrongful death lawsuit liability) even now most of the blood 'components' are allowed.
In 20 years there will be artificial blood and the Red Cross will go on with other noble deeds.

None of these changes will absolve the Watchtower leaders or vindicate their twisted doctrines

Danny Haszard born 1957 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness

(Some educational links provided below:) Jehovah Witness blood policy reform site Will you die for a lie?

Danny Haszard said...

Jan Curry

I'm Morgan Curry's mom - Dennis' girlfriend in 6th & 7th grade. It would be wonderful if this story was just about a 14 year old boy who believed so strongly in his faith, he followed it to his death. Great example of religious freedom. But there is much more to this story that the reporter, Andrew Meacham, could not reveal and the reason Olga Lindberg and many of us are left to deal with - what happened behind closed doors with judges, attorneys, and personal phone calls and meetings with Dennis a few non-JW's had once he was admitted to the hospital.

The week Dennis was admitted, he called my daughter. The one thing he asked was for her to please visit. I spoke with him and knowing his religion I did not ask him anything about his projected care, just asked "how are you?" What Dennis volunteered to me was in fact his projected care, that all methods for non-transfusion medical care will be followed FIRST and if those failed, he would CONSIDER a blood transfusion because he TRUSTED his doctors and if this was necessary to save his life he said they knew best. A similar conversation between Dennis and his 5th & 6th grade teacher also transpired by phone when he entered the hospital - the difference here is the this trusted teacher came right out and asked him what his course of treatment was. But still, he told her the same thing - he trusted his doctors and if they felt a transfusion was necessary, he would consider it. A week later, lawyers from New York JW Headquarters were flown in to uphold the no blood issue and the hospital liaison committee got involved for the same reason

A website had been established by Dennis' aunt to keep their JW family informed of his condition. I have copies of most of the JW postings from around the world in which they encouraged Dennis to follow his faith, how they hoped their own children will follow his example if this happened to them, how he has set an example for them all - one JW even wrote to Dennis that he was more than just an example of a Witness, he was an ACTUAL Witness. This is what Dennis was bombarded with, surrounded by those encouraging him to follow his faith, the lawyers from NY, and his aunt, who in the court hearing said the words, "I can't allow a transfusion because it is against MY religion." (she didn’t say Dennis's religion). 12 days after Dennis was admitted, his aunt posted on the website, “VICTORY….the hospital administration agreed to recognize Dennis as a mature minor, to be able to make medical decision in his own behalf….I felt like a ton of bricks were lifted from my shoulders.” She, the JW NY lawyers and liaison committee no longer had to fight to keep blood from Dennis - he now had the authority to say “no”.

Dennis didn’t have a choice - he had to say no. To say “yes” meant he would be disfellowshipped from the church and ostracized from the family who took him in when his biological parents couldn’t care for him. Dennis’ goal in life was to make the adults in his life happy, he owed his success in school and the community to his aunt who cared for him. He wanted to make her and his JW family happy . In this article, Dennis’ aunt said,, “…he [Dennis] hoped to go to sleep and be awakened into a paradise on earth.” The real truth is in front of me as I type, again copied from the webpage…..his aunt wrote that Dennis was afraid to go to sleep one night and asked her, “what if I fall asleep and don’t wake up?” His aunt replied, “at least you will wake up in paradise”. Four days before he died, Dennis’ 6th grade teacher forced her way in his room to see him. She asked him why he refused the transfusion? Dennis said, “Ms. Vaughn, I know you want me to live, but there are MORE PEOPLE who want me to follow my faith.” He didn’t say HE wanted to follow his faith - Yes, Dennis chose not to have a transfusion, but it was the only choice he could have made. Morgan was denied visitation by the aunt 2 days before his death - the aunt quoted a scripture saying, “Satan will send false friends….” - she said she could not allow Morgan to talk Dennis into accepting a transfusion. In three short weeks from when he was admitted, Dennis died after 2 chemo treatments depleted his blood supply resulting in an enlarged heart and several strokes


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Anonymous said...

There is a petition that anyone is welcome to sign here:

Danny is right and many times when the Witnesses say something is a 'matter of conscience', they are just saying it to protect their behinds as they certainly don't want to be involved in a lawsuit.

In reality, there is very very real pressure to do or not to do certain things as perscribed by the governing body from New York.

The jw's do exhibit most typical traits that a person would think of a cult having and I hope people that are interested do further research.

Anyone who is wanting to learn more on the Jehovah's Witness Organization is also welcome here: